domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011


My Chanel Collection:
1.- Nouvelle Vague
2.- Black Pearl
3.- Flamme Rose
4.- Orange Fizz
5.- Dragon
6.- Rouge Noir

H&M Nail-polish:

1.- Moody Model
2.- Dust&Diamonds
3.- Check Me Out
4.- Miss Stone Heart
5.-Moonless Night


1.- 753 Mayan Red


1.- Essence 09: Get the Fever
2.- Rimmel London 810: Blue my Mind
3.- Gosh 540: Ocean (In love with this one)
4.- O.P.I I think it might be DS 033 or 036, but I can´t read the bottom thingy...
5.- O.P.I Cant´read either...
6.- Sally Girl
7.- Sally Girl
8.- BIPA Nail-tatoo Liner 16: Silver Glitter
9.- BIPA Nail-tatoo Liner 14: Violet Pearl

That´s it for now, but I feel like getting some new treasures to my collection so if you got any suggestions please comment, will be very happy to read them.

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